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Audi A8

It was for the first time shown in February, 1994. A8 — the luxury first-ever car released by a big series. The car with forward or full quattro the drive, the bearing body from the aluminum alloy made on Audi Space Frame® technology has rich equipment on the basis of electronics and modern technologies.

All-wheel drive modification of 2.8 quattro came out in 1995. In June of the same year the new engine 3,7 V8 is installed. In January, 1996 the engine 2,8 V6 30 of valves (193 h.p.) appears.

The complete set of all modifications of the A8 series is expanded. Till 1996 the conditioner was included in the serial package only of the cars equipped with "eights". Now without surcharges also owners of cars with 6-cylinder motors can use the conditioner. The front-wheel option is in addition equipped with ABS, four side inflatable safety cushions (plus safety cushions for the driver and the forward passenger).

New scale of engines of 1997 is, first of all the V-shaped six-cylinder diesel with a turbo-supercharging and direct injection. Its working volume makes 2,5 l, and power reaches 150 h.p. Steadiness, power characteristics, and also economic indicators put the engine 2,5 TDI in one row with the best motors in the class. In addition, A8 is issued with the 2,8-liter six-cylinder engine, and also with V-shaped "eight" with a working volume of 3,7 and 4,2 l with a power of 230 and 300 h.p. respectively. The car can be completed with both a mechanical box, and five-step "automatic machine" of ZF.

The S8 model represents especially high-speed A8 option and is equipped with V-shaped "eight" with the increased power up to 340 h.p. and the mechanical 6-staged transmission.

In November, 1998 in Germany new modification of Audi A8 is presented, in June, 1999 there was a model with the increased power, in February, 2000 — with the new engine 2,5 V6 TDI (180 hp).

The body of the car is completely made of light alloys on Audi Space Frame® technology. On the frame welded from aluminum shapes panels from aluminum — wings, a roof, sidewalls are hung. All details are made of special aluminum alloy which is not subject to corrosion, easily give in to processing and better absorb energy of blow. Forward and back suspension brackets independent, four-lever, collected on a stretcher.

The modernized option externally differs from previous in a new front grille, modified bumpers and door handles, and also headlights of head light with smooth glass. In general differences are a little noticeable. The body design is a little changed.

ESP is included into serial equipment now. Richly registered salon is equipped with safety cushions in the head for sitting in front and behind. Internal illumination of salon is newly designed.

Eight-cylinder engines are equipped with new heads with five valves on the cylinder and an inlet path of variable length. As a result engine capacity of 3.7 liters grew to 191 kW, torque — to 350 Nanometers, and engine capacity of 4.2 liters — to 228 kW, torque — 410 Nanometers.

For reduction of nepodressorenny weight and improvement of characteristics of controllability of the drive of wheels are also produced from aluminum alloy.

Audi A8 with a turbodiesel differs in the highest technical characteristics: power of 150 h.p., torque is higher than 310 Nanometers, and it remains maximum in record-breaking wide range of turns (from 1500 to 3200), fuel consumption makes at a speed of 90, 120 km/h and in a city cycle — 4,4; 5,7; 8,5 l on 100 km.

The German chancellor Gerhard Schröder preferred the long-wheelbase Audi A8 which is specially made for him to the representative Mercedes cars which the German chancellors traditionally used.

In 2000 the A8 family was added with two 180 and 225 h.p. new diesel units. Now the A8 program turns on five 180 — 310 h.p. engines, three of which can be installed as on front-wheel, and all-wheel drive chassis. Let's especially note the Europe's first 3,3-liter V8 diesel with a power of 225 h.p., which turns A8 3.3TDI into some kind of "diesel" express which is ideally adapted for economic driving on autobahns. This power unit is completed only With 5-staged "automatic machine" and only on the quattro chassis. Its maximum speed reaches 242 km/h, dispersal from the place to 100 km/h — 8,2 with, and fuel consumption in a conditional European suburban riding cycle — only 7,3 l / 100 km against 8,9 l / 100 km for a 260-strong petrol analog.

The most prestigious is Quattro 4,2 A8 complete set extended on 130 mm with the engine in 310 h.p. The car can have an exclusive interior and to be executed as "office on wheels".

It is interesting that even in this class Audi have a special "sports" S8 version. First it was completed only with a mechanical 6-staged box, however later quite naturally there was also 5-staged "automatic machine" Tiptronic equipped with the DSP system giving the chance of "manual" gear shifting. The S8 chassis differs in 18-inch wheels and more rigid suspension bracket with the road gleam reduced by 20 mm. The car is intended for the wealthy people preferring to drive personally the car. Level of safety and comfort of S8 is very high.

The technological level of top models of Audi steadily increases. Now the most powerful modification — Audi A8 W12 is offered to admirers of limousines with an aluminum body — it is equipped with the 420 h.p. 6,0-liter 12-cylinder engine.