2.10. Check of a condition of a poliklinovy belt

The tension of a poliklinovy belt is carried out automatically. It is necessary to check periodically a condition of a belt and at detection of defects to replace it.
Install the gear shifting lever in neutral situation.
Remove the lower mudguard of the engine.
Apply with chalk a tag on a belt.
For a bolt of fastening of a pulley turn a bent shaft clockwise before emergence of a tag, at the same time visually check a condition of a belt.
On a poliklinovy belt the following defects can be found:
– traces of oil and lubricant;
– wear of edges of maple ledges (ribs);
– hardening of edges of ribs;
– cross cracks from a reverse side of a belt;
– peeling of separate ribs;
– razlokhmachivaniye of face edges of a belt;
– cross cracks in some ribs;
– destruction of separate ribs.
In the presence of any of defects replace a belt.
Establish the lower mudguard of the engine.