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24. Electric equipment

General information
Electric chains
Safety locks
Electronic blocks in a motor compartment
Electronic blocks in a niche for the passenger's legs
The block of fuses in a niche for the passenger's legs
The relay block in a niche for the driver's legs
Additional arm of the relay in the luggage compartment
Rechargeable battery
System of launch of the engine
Replacement of lamps of external lighting
Lamp of passing beam and / or fog lamp
Lamp of driving beam of headlights
Adjustment of light of headlights
Forward index of turn
Side repeater of turn
Lamps of a back lamp in a wing
Back lamp in a wing
Lamps of a back lamp in a trunk lid
Back lamp in a trunk lid
Top stoplight
Forward lamp of illumination of salon
Combination of devices
Switches of a steering column
Ignition lock cylinder
Ignition lock
Switches of the central section of the dashboard
Switch of a heater of a back seat
Switch of adjustment of provision of a mirror
Forward switches of window regulators
Back switches of window regulators
Radio receiver
Loudspeakers of a forward door
Loudspeakers of a back door
Loudspeakers of the back shelf
Check of a heater of back glass