24:14. Replacement of lamps of external lighting

Before replacement of a lamp of external lighting remove a wire of "weight" from the rechargeable battery. You remember: if the lamp just burned, it can be too hot.
Before replacement of a lamp of external lighting check the corresponding electric chain and a safety lock. Do not concern a glass flask of a lamp barehanded. Fatty traces on a lamp lead to darkening of a flask and a bystry exit of a lamp out of operation. Surely replace the failed lamps with lamps of the same type. Wipe the fatty spots arising on imprudence with a pure lint-free rag or alcohol.
When replacing gas-discharge (xenon) lamps be careful as it is possible to receive strong blow from the power supply of these lamps current.
It is not recommended to replace independently gas-discharge (xenon) lamps which can be determined by a sticker with a sign of high voltage on the lamp case,
H7 glow lamps of elevated pressure when replacing can burst therefore they should be replaced in gloves and goggles.