24:11. System of launch of the engine

If the starter does not work at its inclusion the following reasons are possible:
– the rechargeable battery is faulty;
– break of an electric chain between the switch (lock) of ignition, the traction relay, the rechargeable battery and a starter;
– the traction relay is faulty;
– mechanical or electric defect of a starter.
For check of the rechargeable battery include headlights. If their light grows dull in several seconds, so the battery is discharged. Recharge or replace the battery. If light of headlights does not grow dull, include a starter and watch light. If their light grows dull, so the starter is faulty. If headlights continue to burn brightly (and there is no click of the traction relay of a starter), the electric chain is damaged or the traction relay is faulty. If the rotor of a starter rotates slowly, and the rechargeable battery is serviceable and charged, so the starter is faulty or there is a break in an electric chain of a starter.
For identification of damage to an electric chain disconnect the rechargeable battery and smooth out all connections and contacts in a starter power-supply circuit. Again connect the rechargeable battery and the voltmeter check tension on elements of an electric chain to a starter.
If the rechargeable battery is serviceable, and the electric chain is not damaged, remove a food wire from the traction relay and connect to it the voltmeter. Turn the ignition key in situation "Launch of the Engine". In this case the voltmeter has to show tension of the rechargeable battery.
Contacts of the traction relay can be checked connection of the voltmeter between contact of the traction relay connected to a starter, and "weight". At turn of a key in situation "Launch of the Engine" the voltmeter has to show tension. In the absence of tension – the traction relay is faulty or burned its contacts.
If the electric chain and the traction relay are serviceable, so the starter is faulty.