22. Body

General information
Care of a body
Care of an upholstery and rugs
Repair of insignificant damages of a body
Front bumper
Adjustment of provision of a front bumper
Rear bumper
Adjustment of provision of a rear bumper
Check of the shock-absorber of blow
Forward wing
Facing of a radiator
Cable of opening of the lock of a cowl
Door upholstery
Forward door and arm of a door
Glass of a forward door
Window regulator of a forward door
Lock of a forward door
Handle of a forward door
Wind and back flew down
Ware box
Cylinder of the lock of a ware box
Casings of a steering column
Central console
Internal rear-view mirror
The internal rear-view mirror fixed on a roof
Front seat
Pillow of a back seat
Back of a back seat
 Interior upholstery elements
Washer nozzles