22:15. Forward door and arm of a door

Remove a door upholstery.
Disconnect electric sockets at doors.
Disconnect a hose of system of the central blocking of doors from the activator.
Disconnect draft from the internal handle of opening of a door.
Disconnect the electric socket from a window regulator.

Fig. 16-24. Forward door and arm: 1 – bolt, 30 N · m; 2 – door; 3 – door arm; 4 – adjusting wedge; 5 – bolt, 30 N · m; a, b, c, d — the sequence of an inhaling of bolts

Unscrew bolts 1 and 5 (see fig. 16-24) and remove an arm from a door.

Fig. 16-22. Arrangement and fastening of elements of protection of salon against side blow: 1 – bolt; 2 – cap; 3 – core; 4 – basis; 5 – elastic cord; 6 – corrugated cover

If necessary remove a cap of 2 (fig. 16-22) and unscrew bolts of 1 fastening of a core 3 protection of salon against side blow. A core 3 and the basis 4 protection of salon against side blow are stuck together among themselves and should not be separated.

Fig. 16-23. Elements of fastening of the top loop of a forward door: 1 – nuts, 30 N · m;
2 – door loop; 3 – bolts, 30 N · m; 4 – nuts

You carry out removal of a door together. While one supports a door, another unscrews nuts of fastening of loops of a door to a forward rack of the car and removes a door (fig. 16-23 and 16-25).

Fig. 16-25. Elements of fastening of the lower loop of a forward door (shooters specified places of lubricant of a loop): 1 – nuts; 2 – nuts,
30 N · m; 3 – bolts, 30 N · m

Installation is carried out to the sequences, the return to removal, taking into account the following.
Establish a door.
Establish an arm at a door and fix it by bolts 1 and 5 (see fig. 16-24) located on diagonal.
Establish between a door 2 and an arm the 3rd adjusting wedges 4 and screw in longer bolts of the 1 and 5 fastening of an arm. The adjusting wedge is used for adjustment of provision of a door concerning a rack.
Tighten bolts of fastening of bolts in the sequence of a, b, c, d.