22:26. The internal rear-view mirror fixed on a roof


Fig. 16-60. The internal rear-view mirror fixed on a roof: 1 mirror; 2 – finishing of the basis of a mirror; 3 – mirror basis; 4 – wire; 5 – adjusting plate; 6 – shaped upholstery; 7 finishing of a shaped covering; 8 – the blocking pin

Disconnect a forward part of an upholstery of a shaped covering of 7 (fig. 16-60).
Disconnect the electric socket of the wire going to a mirror.
Using a screw-driver edge, wring out clamps and separate on the left side the basis 3 mirrors from an adjusting plate 5.
Remove a mirror.

Before installation of a mirror check correctness of an arrangement of the blocking pin 8.
Establish the right side of the basis 3 mirrors on an adjusting plate 5.
Press the left side of the basis before fixing it the blocking pin.
Connect the electric socket and establish finishing of a shaped covering.