22:11. Cowl

Fig. 16-9. Elements of fastening of a cowl: 1 – cowl loop; 2 – bolt; 3 – bolt, 21 N · m; 4 – washer; 5 – nut, 21 N · m; 6 – gas-filled rack; 7 – a pin with a spherical head, 10 N · m; 8 – clamp; 9 – cowl; 10 – limiter; 11 – bolt, 8 N · m; 12 – lock pin; 13 – the directing plug; 14 – spring; 15 – nut, 10 N · m; 16 – washer

Elements of fastening of a cowl are shown in fig. 16-9.

Open a cowl and enclose pure rags under its corners to protect a paint and varnish covering of the car at removal of a cowl.
Disconnect a hose from a nozzle of a washer and electric sockets. Tie a thin long cord to a hose and the electric socket. Extend an electrical wiring and a hose from a cowl, untie from them a cord, leave it in a cowl. Further the cord will be required for installation in a cowl of an electrical wiring and a hose.
Using a marker, note position of hinges on a cowl.
Ask the assistant to support a cowl in open situation and, using a screw-driver edge, disconnect a gas-filled rack from a cowl. If it is necessary to remove a gas-filled rack of a cowl from the car, similarly remove the lower part of a support.
If the new pneumatic support is established, then for utilization it is necessary to remove gas from an old support. For this purpose fix support in a vice for site X shown in fig. 16-10. In order to avoid accident surely clamp a support for the specified site. At distance, equal 1/3 lengths, saw the case пневматическ oh support. When sawing a support for protection of eyes use points

Fig. 16-10. The site of a support X for which it is necessary to clamp a support in a vice: X =50 mm

Unscrew bolts of fastening of the left and right hinges of a cowl and, being careful, remove a cowl.
Check a condition of hinges of a cowl for existence of a side play and wear, if necessary replace them.

With two assistants establish a cowl and screw in by hand bolts of fastening of hinges of a cowl. Level cowl hinges according to earlier made tags and tighten bolts of fastening of a cowl.
Fix gas-filled racks on a cowl for what with a force press an emphasis before fixing it on the spherical hinge of a cowl.
Tie the electric socket and a hose of a washer to a cord and involve them in a cowl. Put on a hose windshield washer nozzles.

Adjustment of provision of a cowl
Close a cowl and adjust height of its back part of rather next elements of a body. Height is regulated at the expense of the extended openings under bolts of fastening 2 (see fig. 16-9) loops to a cowl. For adjustment weaken bolts, change the relative provision of a loop of a cowl in relation to a cowl and tighten bolts.
Close a cowl and check its provision of rather adjacent surfaces. At the closed cowl the gap on its perimeter has to be identical from all directions and make 3,5 mm. For adjustment weaken bolts 3 fastenings of loops of a cowl to a body and, moving a cowl, adjust its situation. After adjustment tighten bolts of fastening of loops of a cowl.
For adjustment of a forward part of a cowl on height weaken a nut 15 (see fig. 16-9). a pin of the 12th lock also rotate fastenings about the relevant party of a pin of the lock then tighten a nut.
In case of unreliable locking of a cowl the lock weaken a nut of the 15th fastening of a pin of the 12th lock and, displacing a lock pin at the expense of the increased opening in a cowl, achieve its coaxiality with a cowl lock nest. Tighten a nut of fastening of a pin of the lock of a cowl.