22.5. Front bumper

Fig. 16-1. Front bumper: 1 – central ventilating grate; 2 – screw, 1 N · m; 3 – bumper; 4 – filler; 5 – the extending percussion cap; 6 – blow shock-absorber; 7 – a nut (till 1994) or a bolt (since 1995), 23 N · m; 8 – bolt, 12 N · m; 9 – nut; 10 – arm; 11 – nut; 12 – amplifier of a bumper; 13 – bolt, 65 N · m; 14 – ventilating grate; 15 – registration plate

The front bumper is shown in fig. 16-1.


Fig. 16-2. Fastening of a front bumper (2) to the shock-absorber of blow (3): 1 – bolt

Unscrew screws and remove the lower mudguard of a motor compartment (fig. 16-2)

Fig. 3.2-1. Arrangement of the screw of fastening of the left ventilating grate

Unscrew screws of fastening of the left and right ventilating grates of a bumper and remove them (see fig. 3.2-1).
On the right side disconnect a generator air duct from a bumper.
On cars with washers of headlights on the right side disconnect a washer hose from a tee.
Release three clips and unscrew two nuts of fastening of a forward part of facing of a niche of a forward wheel.
From below a bumper unscrew bolts of fastening of a bumper (see fig. 16-2).
Having pulled forward, remove a bumper from side guides of arms.

Fig. 16-3. Elements of fastening of a front bumper to the amplifier of a bumper: 1 – clip; 2 – amplifier of a bumper; 3 – bumper; 4 – the extending percussion cap

Squeeze out the extending percussion cap of 4 (fig. 16-3) of the top fastening of a bumper from clips.
Reject the top part of a bumper from the amplifier of a bumper and, moving down, remove a bumper from his amplifier.

Fig. 16-4. Elements of fastening of the holder of registration plate to a front bumper: 1 – holder of registration plate; 2 – screws; 3 – clamp

Turn out fastening screws 2 holders of registration plate 1 to a bumper, press side clamps of the holder of registration plate and remove it from a bumper (fig. 16-4).

Installation is carried out to the sequences, the return to removal.