22:34. Washer nozzles

Remove levers of screen wipers.
Remove rubber consolidation from the cowl upholstery panel.
Remove the left plastic panel of the engine of a screen wiper.

Fig. 16-77. Panel of an upholstery of a cowl and nozzle of washers: 1 – screw; 2 – bolt; 3 - cowl upholstery panel; 4 – nozzles of washers; 5 – hose; 6 – holders

Unscrew two screws 1 (fig. 16-77) and a bolt 2; having pulled forward, remove the cowl upholstery panel from two holders 6.
Disconnect a hose 5 from snuffled 4 washers and remove the cowl upholstery panel from the car.

Fig. 16-80. Use of the screw-driver for a clamp otzhatiya at removal of a nozzle of a washer

Edge of the small screw-driver from a reverse side of a nozzle press a clamp and take a nozzle from a lattice of the panel of a cowl (fig. 16-80).

Installation is carried out to the sequences, the return to removal.