2. Maintenance

Frequency of maintenance
Engine oil
Check of system of release
Engine cooling system
Replacement of spark plugs
Discharge of water from the fuel filter of the diesel V6 TDI engine
Replacement of the fuel filter of the diesel V6-V8 TDI engine
Check of tightness of hoses
Replacement of the filtering element of the air filter
Check of a condition of a poliklinovy belt
Check of a protective cover of a shaft of the drive
Visual check of tightness of the transmission
Check of level of oil in the mechanical transmission
Replacement and check of level of oil in the automatic transmission
Check of a forward suspension bracket and steering
Check of antisplash covers of hinges of a forward suspension bracket
Check of the shock-absorber
Check of a radiator
Check of an electrical wiring
Check of level of brake fluid
Replacement of brake fluid (each 2 years)
Check of front brake shoes
Check of brake hoses
Check of level of liquid in the amplifier of steering
Pollen filter
Rechargeable battery
Hinges of doors
Brushes of screen wipers
Code and number of the engine
Towing eyes