2.28. Brushes of screen wipers

The faultless condition of brushes of screen wipers is a necessary condition of ensuring good visibility.
To avoid deformation of brushes, it is regularly necessary to clear them means for washing of glasses. At strong pollution of brushes, for example the remains of insects, it is necessary to clear them a sponge or a pure rag.
One-two times a year are recommended to replace brushes of screen wipers.
In frosty weather before inclusion of screen wipers, every first during a trip, it is necessary to check that brushes did not freeze to glass.
At an automatic wash of the car on a windshield wax particles can get. That to remove them, add the means for washing of glasses having property to dissolve wax to a windscreen washer tank.
Filling of a tank for liquid means for cleaning of glasses with voskorastvoryayushchy properties can significantly improve action of screen wipers. Fat-dissolving cleaners do not purify glass completely.
The damaged brushes which can become the reason of bad purification of glasses should be replaced.