2.26. Rechargeable battery

It is necessary to work with the rechargeable battery in goggles. It is impossible to allow hits of drops of acid and the particles containing compounds of lead in eyes, on skin or clothes.
Electrolyte is very aggressive. Use protective gloves and points. Do not incline the battery – from air vents electrolyte can pour out. At hit of electrolyte in eyes immediately wash out them clear water within several minutes. After that surely see a doctor. At hit of electrolyte on skin or clothes it is necessary to neutralize acid alkaline soap at once and to wash out the appropriate place a large amount of clear water. If by mistake electrolyte got in an organism, urgently see a doctor.
At charging of rechargeable batteries explosive mix of gases is emitted.
During the work with wires and electric devices it is forbidden to use fire, the sparking devices opened by fire-dangerous light devices and smoking. It is necessary to avoid emergence of sparking at the address with wires and electric devices. Never close directly the battery plug – there is a big danger of getting injured because of strong sparking.
Before carrying out any works on system of electric equipment of the car disconnect a "minus" wire from the rechargeable battery. When replacing glow lamps it is enough to switch off the corresponding switches.
At a detachment of the rechargeable battery disconnect from the onboard power supply network of the car at first a "minus" wire, then "plus". At the working engine it is impossible to disconnect the battery, otherwise electronic devices of system of electric equipment will be damaged.
At installation of the battery on the car it is necessary to connect at first a "plus" wire, and then – "minus".
To protect the case of the rechargeable battery from influence of ultra-violet radiation, it is not necessary to store the battery at direct daylight.

Check of level of electrolyte

Fig. 2-30. An arrangement of tags for check of level of electrolyte in the rechargeable battery

The rechargeable battery under normal conditions of operation of the car practically does not demand service. At high temperature of air it is recommended to check electrolyte level in the battery from time to time. It is necessary to check also electrolyte level when charging battery. It has to be always between the tags of MIN and MOVE put on the longitudinal parties of the battery (fig. 2-30).
At decrease in level of electrolyte it is necessary to add in the relevant banks the distilled water to a tag the MOVE. It should be made before the level of electrolyte falls below MIN tag.
Do not pour electrolyte above the necessary level as it will follow through an air vent. It can lead to damage of a paint and varnish covering and corrosion of a body.
After a dolivka of electrolyte it is necessary to close densely the relevant accumulator banks traffic jams.

Operation in winter conditions
In the winter especially big loading is the share of the rechargeable battery. Besides, at a low temperature the battery gives at launch of the engine only a part of that power which it has at a positive temperature. Therefore it is recommended to check the rechargeable battery before a winter season and if necessary to complete charging it.
If the car at very hard frosts for several weeks is not operated, it is necessary to remove the rechargeable battery and to place it in storage to the heated room in order that it did not freeze and thereof did not collapse.

If the rechargeable battery was disconnected from onboard network and again is attached to it
In case of a battery detachment from onboard network:
– all information in the memory device of the on-board computer is erased;
– all information in the memory device of memory of provisions of a driver's seat is erased;
– hours with arrow indication stop, with digital indication – get off;
– the receiver installed at manufacturer is blocked;
– the automatic device of rise and lowering of glasses does not work with electrowindow regulators.
After connection of the rechargeable battery to onboard network it is necessary to establish anew hours both with arrow, and with digital indication.
Then it is necessary to restore functioning of the automatic device of rise and lowering of glasses.
Besides, it is necessary to load the block of memory of provisions of a driver's seat.
The radio receiver installed at manufacturer can be brought to the working condition only by means of input of the corresponding code (see the Guide to use of the radio receiver in section 1).

Removal and installation of the rechargeable battery
Switch off ignition.
Remove the right decorative side panel and the panel of a trunk floor.
Disconnect the tire of grounding of the rechargeable battery located in the floor panel.

Fig. 2-31. Elements of fastening and connection of the rechargeable battery: 1 – negative plug; 2 – positive plug; 3 – bolt of fastening of an arm; 4 – hose of removal of gases

Remove the negative plug 1 (fig. 2-31) from the rechargeable battery and move it aside.
Disconnect from the rechargeable battery a hose 4 removals of gases.
Unscrew a bolt 3 and remove an arm of fastening of the battery.
For handles lift the rechargeable battery and remove it from the car.

Installation is carried out to the sequences, the return to removal, taking into account the following.
At installation of the rechargeable battery do not press the hose intended for removal of the gases which are emitted during the operation of the rechargeable battery. In the pipeline of removal of gases the valve which protects the rechargeable battery from a backfire is located.
Fix the rechargeable battery by an arm and screw in a bolt of fastening of an arm, having tightened its moment 20 N · m.
Check reliability of fastening of the battery, otherwise the term of its service can decrease considerably.
Connect to the battery at first the positive plug, then negative and fix them, having tightened fastening nuts the moment of 5 N · m.
Turn on the radio receiver and enter into it a code.
Lift glasses power windows up to an emphasis. Then press all switches of a window regulator once again, at least for 1 second, in the provision of closing for activation of the control unit of window regulators.
Determine time on hours.