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2.7. Replacement of the fuel filter of the diesel V6-V8 TDI engine

Remove a casing on the right side of a motor compartment (fig. 2-16).

Fig. 2-14. Elements of fastening of the fuel filter of the diesel V6 TDI engine: 1 – an opening stopper for removal of water, 4 N · m; 2, 3 – fuel supply hoses; 4 – spring clip; 5 – nut; 6 – adjusting valve

Having pulled, remove a spring clip 4 fastenings of the adjusting valve (see fig. 2-14).
Remove the adjusting valve together with the connected pipelines.
Weaken collars and remove hoses of a supply of fuel 2 and 3 from unions of the fuel filter.
Weaken a nut of the 5th fastening of an arm and remove the fuel filter of the valve.
Pull the plastic adjusting plug over the new fuel filter.
Install the fuel filter in an arm and fix an arm clip by a nut.
Fill the new fuel filter with pure diesel fuel, it will provide bystry launch of the engine.
Establish a sealing ring and the adjusting valve into place and fix them by a spring clip.
Install hoses of a supply of fuel 2 and 3 on the fuel filter and fix them by collars.