1.12. Launch of the engine

General instructions

During the operation of the engine there is a danger of poisoning indoors!
Before launch of the engine the lever of switching of the mechanical transmission has to be in neutral situation (the selector of the automatic transmission – in positions P or N), the parking brake is switched on.
On the car with the mechanical transmission during launch of the engine to squeeze out a coupling pedal – the starter has to rotate only a bent shaft of the engine.
As soon as the engine begins to work, it is necessary to release immediately the ignition key – the starter should not rotate together with an engine flywheel.
Launch of the cold engine short time is followed by the increased noise as oil pressure in hydrocompensators of valvate gaps did not reach necessary value. This normal phenomenon.
Do not allow operation of the heated-up engine during the parking.
Until the engine got warm up to the normal working temperature, do not allow the high frequency of rotation and big loading of the engine.
At towage of cars with catalytic converter of the fulfilled gases stop attempt to launch the engine if the distance which was overcome by the towed car exceeds 50 m. Not burned down fuel can get to catalytic converter and damage it.
Before trying to launch the engine by means of towage, it is necessary to try to launch it "prikurivaniye" from the rechargeable battery of other car.

Petrol engines
These engines are equipped with system of injection of fuel which at any temperature of air automatically provides an optimum ratio of fuel and air.
Before launch of the cold or heated-up engine and during start-up it is not necessary to press an accelerator pedal.
If through 10 with it is not possible to launch the engine, repeat attempt through 30 pages.
If the engine is not launched again, check the fuse of the electric drive of the fuel pump.
After launch of very hot engine let's some time work to it with an average frequency of rotation.

Diesel engines
After inclusion at the movement of situation "Ignition Is Included" the control lamp depending on temperature of cooling liquid of the engine can signal about need of prestarting heating.

Launch of the cold engine
At a temperature of air above +5 °C the engine can be launched without prestarting heating at once. During start-up it is not necessary to press an accelerator pedal.
At a temperature of air below +5 °C turn a key in the lock of ignition in situation 2 – the control lamp of prestarting heating will light up. The lamp will go out after achievement of temperature sufficient for fuel ignition.
When prestarting heating is included, all other large consumers of current have to be switched off – otherwise the rechargeable battery will be overloaded with current of big force.
Right after switching off of a control lamp launch the engine.
During start-up do not press an accelerator pedal.
At unstable ignition of fuel in the engine give the chance to a starter to work some more seconds (no more than 30 c) until the engine is able independently to work.
If the engine is not launched, once again include prestarting heating and try to launch the engine as it is described above. If this time it is not possible to launch the engine, check the fuse of a prestarting heater.

Launch of the engine which is warmed up up to the working temperature
The control lamp of inclusion of prestarting heating does not light up – the engine can be launched.

Launch of the engine after fuel use from the fuel tank
If fuel in a car tank with the diesel engine is completely spent, process of launch of the engine after gas station can longer continue, than usually, – up to 1 min. as the fuel supply system is exempted from the air which is in it only in process of launch of the engine.
Engine stop
After high long load of the engine it is not necessary to switch off it at once – let's the engine work idling within 2 min. to avoid sharp temperature drop in its various parts.

After an engine stop the fan can still long time (up to 10 min.) to rotate even at the switched-off ignition. The fan can also suddenly turn on after a while:
– at temperature increase of cooling liquid because of existence of bigger temperature drop in various parts of the engine;
– on the hot engine at temperature increase in a motor compartment in the sun.
Therefore at work in a motor compartment be especially attentive!