1.18. Conditioner

During the operation of the conditioner automatically change temperature arriving from snuffled also ventilating grates of air, the frequency of rotation of the fan and distribution of streams of air.
At desire the driver and the forward passenger can regulate operation of the conditioner.
On the left display of the conditioner the set temperature from the driver is shown, on the right display – temperature from the forward passenger.
Temperature is established by pressing of the "+" and "-" buttons about the corresponding display.
Functions of the conditioner join and switched off by pressing of buttons, in the switched-on button the light-emitting diode burns.

The recommended standard order of installation of the modes of the conditioner for any season
• Include ignition.
• Establish temperature of 22 °C (71 °F).
• Press the AUTO button.
In this operating mode of the conditioner the most comfortable climate in interior of the car is reached. Temperature, size of a stream and distribution of air are regulated automatically.

Fig. 1-53. Control panel of the conditioner

"-" and "+" buttons of installation of temperature. Temperature in interior of the car can be established ranging from 18 to 29 °C (64–84 °F). In final provisions of LO and Hl temperature is not regulated.

Switching of temperature with °C in °F.
Press the button and hold it in this situation. Then press the button of installation of temperature on the left side.

Defrosting of glasses. There is a bystry defrosting wind and side glasses. Temperature is regulated automatically. The maximum stream of air moves from snuffled ventilation 1 and 2.

Air recirculation. Pressing of a key the air recirculation mode joins. For switching off of recirculation of air it is necessary to press the drowned button once again. 
Operation of the conditioner in the mode of recirculation prevents hit in salon of unpleasant smells, for example at the movement in the tunnel or "stopper".
If it is necessary to reduce quickly air temperature in salon, it is possible to set the recirculation mode at which air is sucked in from salon and is cooled.
The mode of recirculation of air can be included only for a short time as at this mode fresh air does not come to interior of the car.

ECON economy mode. For fuel economy the compressor of the conditioner can be switched off. At the switched-off compressor of the conditioner the comfortable mode in interior of the car is broken.
If temperature in interior of the car too high or glasses begin to mist over, it is necessary to turn on the conditioner compressor repeated pressing the ECON button, and then the AUTO button.

"-" and "+" buttons of speed of rotation of the fan.
Serve for reduction or increase in the speed of rotation of the fan chosen automatically. Frequency of rotation of the fan is displayed by segments on the display located between buttons.

REST residual heat. This function can join within 30 min. after switching off of ignition. In this case the salon is warmed due to heat of cooling liquid.
The maximum time of heating makes 12 min.

OFF– switching off of the conditioner. When pressing the button the conditioner is switched off, at the same time inflow of external air is blocked.
For repeated turning on of the conditioner press the AUTO or OFF button.

Air distribution buttons. Pressing the buttons, and , it is possible to change the direction of streams of air in interior of the car. The buttons can be pressed as separately, and in any combination.

 Air supply to glasses. All stream of air moves to glasses through nozzles of ventilation 1 and 2. Unlike the mode  the size of a stream of air does not increase.
Air supply from ventilating grates of the dashboard. All stream of air moves from ventilating grates 3 and 4 dashboards, and also from back ventilating grates of the central console.

Air supply to legs. All stream of air moves to nozzles of ventilation 5 and under front seats.