1.11. Ignition lock

Not to damage the electronic block in a key head, use a key accurately.
Take out a key from the ignition lock only after a full stop of the car that during the movement steering blocking did not join.
In order to avoid uncontrollable rolling the car after its full stop always turn on the parking brake.

Fig. 1-33. Provisions of a key in the ignition lock

The key in the lock of ignition has the following provisions (fig. 1-33):

Petrol engines
1 – ignition is switched off, the engine does not work;
2 – ignition is included;
3 – launch of the engine.

Diesel engines
1 – supply of fuel is blocked, the engine does not work;
2 – prestarting heating of the engine and situation at the movement of the car.
In operating time of a prestarting heater other electric devices – large consumers of current have to be switched off. Otherwise load of the rechargeable battery strongly increases;
3 – launch of the engine.

For all cars
Situation 1
For blocking of steering to turn a steering wheel at the taken-out ignition key before click of fixing of a lock finger of steering.

If after extraction of a key from the lock of ignition remained not switched off devices of lighting or the index of turn, then at the time of opening of a door of the driver the sound signal like "buzzer" will join.

Situation 2
If the key in the lock of ignition does not turn or turns hardly in this situation, it is necessary to shake a little a steering wheel to the left-to the right – the wheel will be unblocked.

Situation 3
In this situation external lighting is switched off, parking fires are included, large consumers of the electric power are switched off.
Before each new attempt to launch the engine it is necessary to return the ignition key in situation 1. The device of blocking of repeated inclusion of a starter placed in the ignition lock prevents inclusion of a starter at rotation of a bent shaft of the engine and by that protects a starter from breakage.

Blocking in the ignition lock
On cars with the automatic transmission the key after switching off of ignition can be taken out only when finding the selector in a position P.
At the taken-out ignition key the selector is blocked in this position.