1.19. Autonomous heating system and ventilation

The system of constant heating of salon functions irrespective of operation of the engine and the conditioner from the separate accumulator located in the luggage compartment. The system facilitates defrosting of glasses in cold weather. Besides, thanks to heating of cooling liquid launch of the engine is facilitated at a low temperature.
Heating can use both on the parking, and at the movement of the car (for example, in a start of motion when the engine did not get warm yet).
Autonomous heating is used and as autonomous ventilation by means of which temperature in interior of the car parked in the sun significantly goes down.
Autonomous heating or ventilation can join as required and in previously programmed time.
Control is exercised of buttons and the indicator at the driver's doors.
The maximum duration of operation of autonomous heating or ventilation makes 60 min. Then the system is switched off.
Move a transparent sliding cover (shooter) to the left. On the cars which are not equipped with memory of provision of a seat of the driver, the holder is in the place of the shown switches, to the right of the control panel of an autonomous heating system. When opening a door it is necessary to watch that water or a rain did not get on the control panel therefore the cover needs to be closed after installation of the required system operating modes.

Fig. 1-54. Arrangement of the control panel of an autonomous heating system and ventilation, direction of movement of a transparent sliding cover

Fig. 1-55. An arrangement of buttons on the control panel of an autonomous heating system and ventilation