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1.21. Cowl

Fig. 1-61. Handle of unlocking of a cowl

Fig. 1-62. Handle of opening of a cowl

For unlocking of a cowl it is necessary to extend the handle located on a side rack at the left under the dashboard, – the cowl will be exempted from the locking device and under the influence of a spring will rise up, at the same time in a front grille the exhaust handle will appear.
For opening of a cowl it is necessary to raise a little it and to pull for the handle in the direction of an arrow – the safety hook will be released.
Lift a cowl and completely open it. The cowl is kept by a gas-filled emphasis abroach.

For closing undertake a cowl from that party where the gas-filled emphasis is located. Pull a cowl down to overcoming force of counteraction of a gas-filled emphasis, release a cowl and let's it be closed freely – it is not necessary to press.