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1.3. Electrowindow regulators

Fig. 1-9. An arrangement of switches of window regulators in an armrest of a door of the driver: And – the driver's door; In – a door of the forward passenger; With – the right back door; D – left back door; S – safety switch

Switches are in an armrest of a door of the driver (fig. 1-9).
Besides, at doors of the forward passenger and in back doors additional switches for the corresponding windows are located.
By means of the safety switch S at doors of the driver it is possible to switch-off the electric drive of back window regulators.
Provisions of the safety switch:
– the safety switch расфиксирован, switches in back doors are efficient;
– the safety switch is fixed, switches in back doors and the back lighter are switched-off.
Power windows with automatic control of closing of windows are equipped with protection against an overload.
Closing of a window automatically stops when on the way of the movement of glass there is an obstacle. It, however, does not occur when windows close outside by means of the ignition key – protection against an overload does not work.

Action of window regulators at the included ignition
By pressing the corresponding switch ahead (the driver's door) or on the lower part of the switch (the right lobby and back doors) and short-term deduction in this situation the window opens completely (glass automatically falls).
By repeated pressing the switch glass immediately stops.

Automatic closing of windows (forward doors)
At a short-term raising of a forward part (the driver's door) or pressing the top part (the right forward door) of the corresponding switch the window is closed completely (glass automatically rises).
At repeated impact on the switch glass immediately stops.
Window regulators of back doors are equipped only with the automatic device of lowering of glasses. For closing of a window it is necessary to hold the switch until the desirable provision of glass is reached.
After a detachment and the subsequent connection of the rechargeable battery of the car the automatic device of lowering and raising of glasses of forward doors ceases to function.
To restore operation of the automatic device, it is necessary:
– to lift glasses power windows up to an emphasis;
– to press all switches of a window regulator once again, at least on 1 with, in the provision of closing for activation of the control unit of window regulators.