2.22. Check of front brake shoes

As practice shows, front brake shoes from the passenger wear out more intensively therefore and it is necessary to check them on the right forward wheel.
Weaken bolts of fastening of the right forward wheel and turn on the parking brake, then lift and fix a forward part of the car on supports. Remove the right forward wheel.

Fig. 2-25. Places of measurement of thickness of front brake shoes

Measure by a caliper thickness of a brake shoe (fig. 2-25).
Minimum admissible thickness and a brake shoe together with the bearing plate makes 7 mm.
If the overlay of a brake shoe is worn-out to the minimum thickness, it is necessary to replace all four brake shoes in a set.
Establish wheels and lower the car.
It is established that at a run of 1000 km wear of a brake shoe averages 1 mm.

Check of back brake shoes

Fig. 2-26. Check of back brake shoes

Check thickness of a brake shoe through openings in a wheel disk, without removing a wheel (fig. 2-26).