24:35. Radio receiver

The radio receiver installed at the plant is equipped with a pocket thanks to which process of its removal and installation is facilitated.
At removal of a wire of "weight" from the rechargeable battery memory of electronic control units and the radio receiver is erased.
The radio receiver with the coded anti-theft device which is executed on the basis of the microprocessor enters the standard equipment of the car. After disconnection of the radio receiver from onboard network of the car (removal of the rechargeable battery, radio receiver or initial installation of the radio receiver) it is necessary to enter a safety code. The radio receiver can be turned on only after input of the correct code.
Before removal of a wire of "weight" from the rechargeable battery check whether you have a radio receiver code. In the absence of a code of safety it is possible to put into operation the radio receiver only at specialized service station Audi.
The individual code of safety of the radio receiver contains in the technical documentation enclosed to the car at sale.

Fig. 18-63. A special key 3344 for removal of the radio receiver from the car

For removal of the radio receiver it is necessary to use two special keys of 3344 (fig. 18-63).
Insert two keys into the narrow cracks located from two parties of the radio receiver before fixing of keys. Inscriptions on keys have to be located from above. The key with the inscription "Top L" should be established on the left side, and with the inscription "Top R" – on the right side of the radio receiver.

Fig. 18-64. Use of special keys for extraction of the radio receiver from a nest in the dashboard

For heads of keys take out the radio receiver from a nest (fig. 18-64), trying not to warp and not to pull it aside.
Disconnect from the radio receiver electric sockets of loudspeakers and the antenna, and also the multicontact socket of giving of tension to the radio receiver. If for connection not multicontact sockets are used, before a detachment of sockets mark them.

Remove special keys from the radio receiver.
Connect electric sockets to a back part of the radio receiver.
Insert the radio receiver into a dashboard nest to a zashchelkivaniye of spring clamps.
Connect a wire of "weight" to the rechargeable battery.
After installation of the radio receiver enter a safety code.