24:15. Lamp of passing beam and/or fog lamp

It is possible to replace lamps without removal of a headlight.
Open a cowl.
Pull a plastic cover of a headlight back and remove it.

Fig. 18-36. An arrangement of electric sockets on headlight lamps: 1 – I will corrode lamps of passing beam; 2 – socket of a fog lamp; 3 – I will corrode lamps of driving beam

Disconnect the electric socket 1 (fig. 18-36) from a lamp of passing beam or 2 from a fog lamp.
Squeeze spring brackets of fastening of a lamp and move brackets aside. Take a lamp from a headlight.
At installation of a lamp do not touch its flask by hands.
Establish a new lamp in the holder.
Establish the holder with a lamp in a headlight and fix a lamp by a spring bracket, having latched it for a clamp.
Connect the electric socket to a lamp.
Establish a back plastic cover of a headlight.
Check and if necessary adjust light of headlights.