24.3. Safety locks

Fig. 18-8. An arrangement of nuts of fastening of the block of fuses in a niche for the passenger's legs

Fuses are placed in the block of safety locks located on the right side in a niche for legs of the forward passenger (see fig. 18-8).
Always replace a safety lock with other safety lock of the same power. On each safety lock the size of the protected current is specified. Never replace a safety lock more than once, without having defined the reason of its burn-out.

Fig. 18-1. Visual check of an integrity of a safety lock

If the safety lock fused, so the conductor connecting contacts of a safety lock is broken off (see fig. 18-1).

Fig. 18-2. Use of tweezers for removal of a safety lock

To take out a safety lock from the socket, use tweezers (fig. 18-2). The wire in the fused safety lock is broken off.
Establish the new safety lock calculated at the same size of current. On a reverse side of each safety lock the size of the protected current is specified. Besides, color of the case of a safety lock corresponds to the size of the protected current.

Current, And              Colour
       5               Light brown
       10               Red
       15               Blue
       20               Yellow
       25               White
       30               Green

If the established safety lock fused again, check the electric chain protected by a safety lock.
Do not replace a safety lock at all with a wire crossing point as car electric equipment can be seriously damaged.

Characteristics of fuses and electric chains can change over time.