24.4. Electronic blocks in a motor compartment

In a motor compartment control units of the engine, and the vtomatichesky transmission and system of maintenance of constant speed of the car are located (cruise control).
Unscrew screws and remove the casing of the air-ventilation chamber located in a back part of a motor compartment.
Unscrew four screws of fastening and remove a casing of the electronic block.

Fig. 18-3. An arrangement of electronic control units in a motor compartment: 1 – control unit of system cruise control; 2 – control unit of the engine; 3 – control unit of the automatic transmission

If necessary disconnect electric sockets and remove the required block (fig. 18-3).

Fig. 18-4. Use of the special tool 1922 for a detachment of sockets of an electronic control unit in a motor compartment

For a detachment of sockets it is necessary to use the special tool 1922 (fig. 18-4).
Installation is carried out to the sequences, the return to removal.