24:29. Ignition lock

Establish car wheels for the movement directly forward.
Remove switches of a steering column.
Disconnect the electric socket from the ignition lock.
Insert a key into the lock of ignition and turn it in situation "Ignition on".

Fig. 18-54. Removal of the cylinder of the lock of ignition: And – an opening for fastening of the lock of ignition; In – the direction of removal of the cylinder of the lock of ignition

Peel the kontrovochny paint from two bolts of fastening of the lock of ignition, unscrew bolts and, having pulled, take the ignition lock from a casing of a steering column (see fig. 18-54).

Make sure that the key in the lock of ignition is in situation "Ignition on".
Insert the ignition lock into a casing and fix it by bolts. Paint over heads of bolts.
Further installation is carried out to the sequences, the return to removal