24:23. A back lamp in a trunk lid

Open a trunk lid.
Remove a trunk lid upholstery.
Take from a back lamp holders with lamps, having turned the holder on (against) an hour hand.

Fig. 18-44. An arrangement of nuts of fastening and lamps of a back lamp in a trunk lid: 1 – lamp of the index of turn (12 V, 21 W); 2 – lamp of tail fog light; 3 – additional lamp of a backing (12 V, 21 W)

Unscrew four nuts and remove a back lamp from a trunk lid (see fig. 18-44).

At installation of a lamp be convinced that laying is correctly located between a lamp and a trunk lid.
Installation is carried out to the sequences, the return to removal.
Before tightening of nuts of fastening of a lamp check gaps between a lamp and deepening of a trunk lid – they have to be identical.