22.1. General information

The body represents the design based on a powerful framework and simple without deep extract, stamped aluminum sheets.
Body the smyatiya at collision includes zones ahead and behind with a safety cell in the center of the car.
The front bumper absorbs energy from front blow to the speed of 8 km/h and at the same time restores the form. At front blow at higher speed energy of blow is perceived by longitudinal amplifiers of a body with variable extent of deformation on length. At repair the deformed part of amplifiers can be replaced, without using welding.
At blow in a back part of a body with a speed up to 15 km/h energy is completely absorbed by the rear bumper which is also restoring the form.
At blow in a back part of a body with a speed up to 50 km/h only the luggage carrier is deformed, at the same time doors are not got jammed.
Amplifiers from composite materials protect the bodies which are built in a framework from side blows.
Almost all knots and details of the equipment of a body can be established and removed by means of a usual set of the tool. During the dismantling and assembly it is necessary to take special precautionary measures not to damage consolidations and the anticorrosive covering put at manufacturer.
Repairs of a body are recommended to be made in specialized workshops where can replace the wings fastening bolts, the forward panel, doors, a cowl, a trunk lid, and also big panels – a roof and sidewalls.
Before works with the dashboard, doors or any devices of electric equipment remove a wire of "weight" from the rechargeable battery.
When carrying out the welding and other works connected with a strong iskrovydeleniye near the rechargeable battery surely remove the rechargeable battery.
It is forbidden to carry out welding, the firm and soft soldering of details of the filled conditioner. It belongs also to those elements of the car which welding can cause a warming up of details of the conditioner. When carrying out repair and painting works in the drying camera or in a zone of its warming up temperature should not exceed +80 °C.

Before a detachment of a wire of "weight" from the rechargeable battery be convinced that you know the correct code of the receiver which restores its working capacity. If after connection of a wire of "weight" to enter the wrong code, then the receiver will be switched-off.
To keep reliability of connection with "weight" and to prevent damage owing to corrosion, it is not necessary to disconnect wires from a body. Disconnect wires only from the rechargeable battery, the engine or the transmission.
Before accession of wires smooth out all contacts. Be convinced of reliability of connections of wires with "weight".