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22:17. Window regulator of a forward door

Remove a door upholstery.
Remove an arm from a door.

Fig. 16-27. Elements of the lower fastening of glass of a forward door: 1 – spring bracket; 2 – washer; 3 – damper; 4 – the directing pin

The small screw-driver take out a spring bracket 1 (see fig. 16-27) from a groove of the directing pin 4 and remove a washer 2.
Move glass from the directing pin a little and lower a pin on guides.
Remove from the directing pin a damper 3.
Disconnect the electric socket from the window regulator engine.

Fig. 16-30. Window regulator of a forward door: 1 – window regulator of a forward door; 2 – rivets; 3 – door arm; 4 – window regulator engine; 5 – bolt, 10 N · m; 6 – clip; 7 – the directing pin; 8 – damper; 9 – washer; 10 – spring bracket

Drill rivets of 2 (fig. 16-30) of fastening of a window regulator and remove a window regulator.

Installation is carried out to the sequences, the return to removal, taking into account the following.
For fastening of a window regulator use only original rivets. Begin installation of rivets with a forward top rivet of fastening of the mechanism of a window regulator.
Connect a wire of "weight" to the rechargeable battery.
Lift glasses power windows up to an emphasis. Then press all switches of a window regulator once again, at least for 1 second, in the provision of closing for activation of the control unit of window regulators.