22:30. Back of a back seat

Remove a pillow of a back seat.
On cars with a side safety cushion before a detachment of the rechargeable battery find out whether you have a code of turning on of the radio receiver.
Switch off ignition and disconnect a wire of "weight" from the rechargeable battery.
Before a detachment of igniter and demontazhy an electrical wiring remove static electricity.

Fig. 16-73. Arrangement of a connector of the pipeline (1) of supply of foam and latch (2) of the electric socket (3) of a side safety cushion

Having pulled, disconnect the pipeline of supply of foam 1 from connectors on the left and right back racks (fig. 16-73).
Press a latch 2 and disconnect the electric socket 3 of a side safety cushion.
Connect the electric socket of a safety cushion to the VAS 5068 adapter from the left and right side.
Connect the corresponding socket of the VAS 5068 adapter to any socket of a seat – now wires of a safety cushion are connected to "weight".
On cars with the central back head restraint, reject it back, open an armrest and a cover for lengthy baggage.

Fig. 16-74. Elements of fastening of the central back head restraint: 1 – head restraint; 2 – button; 3 – curtain; 4 – basis; 5 – bolts, 8 N · m

Release a curtain of 3 (fig. 16-74) on rollers from the basis 4.
Unscrew bolts 5, press the button 2 in an end face of a head restraint and remove the central head restraint 1.

Fig. 16-75. Elements of fastening of a back of a back seat: 1 – holder; 2 – back of a back seat; 3 – bolt, 8 N · m

Unscrew bolts of 3 (fig. 16-75) of the lower fastening of a back of a back seat 2.
Lift a back of a back seat up, having released it from holders 1, and disconnect electric sockets from a back.

Installation is carried out to the sequences, the return to removal.
Tighten bolts of fastening of a back of a back seat the moment of 8 N · m.
In cars with a side safety cushion at connection of the rechargeable battery there should not be people.
Connect a wire of "weight" to the rechargeable battery.