21:14. Brake disk

Weaken bolts of fastening of a wheel, lift the corresponding part of the car and fix on supports. Remove a wheel.
For reduction of losses of brake fluid uncover a compensation tank of the brake system, close a tank mouth polyethylene and again screw a cover. It is necessary in order that the cover hermetically closed a compensation tank. It is also possible to press a clip the brake hose going to a support.
Unscrew bolts and remove the holder of a support together with a support from a rotary fist.
Clear a junction of a brake hose and the pipeline and unscrew a hose. Muffle openings in a brake hose and the pipeline.
Disconnect a cable of the parking brake from a support of a back brake.
Remove a support.
Remove a brake disk.

Check a state and measure thickness of a brake disk.
If replacement of a brake disk is necessary, it is necessary to replace both for ensuring uniformity of braking. When replacing brake disks it is necessary to replace also brake shoes.
Check and if necessary clear privalochny surfaces of a brake disk and a nave. At installation of a new brake disk remove a sheeting layer from its surface.
Establish a brake disk on a wheel nave.
Establish a support with brake shoes, without allowing twisting of a brake hose. Make sure that at turn of a forward wheel from one extreme situation in another the brake hose does not adjoin to elements of a forward suspension bracket and a body.
Screw bolts in a support and tighten them.
If the brake hose was disconnected, connect it.
Remove polyethylene from a bulk mouth of a compensation tank and pump over the corresponding brake contour.
Establish a wheel and lower the car on the earth.
Several times strongly press a brake pedal in order that brake shoes nestled on a brake disk.
Check liquid level in a compensation tank of the brake system.