21.9. Replacement of back brake shoes

Fig. 15-16. Support of a back brake: 1 – самоконтрящийся bolt, 30 N · m; 2 – brake shoe; 3 – the holder of a support with the directing fingers and protective covers (it is delivered assembled in spare parts); 4 – a bolt (on cars with a steel rotary fist the moment of tightening of 60 N · m, with an aluminum rotary fist — 70 N · m + in addition to tighten on a corner 90 °); 5 – brake disk; 6 – support

Elements of the back brake mechanism are given in fig. 15-16.

Lift a back part of the car and fix on supports.
Surely replace all blocks on one axis of the car even if only one of them is worn-out.

Fig. 15-17. Unscrewing of bolts of fastening of a support

Unscrew bolts of fastening of a support, holding the directing finger (fig. 15-17) from a provorachivaniye. Remove a support and a soft wire tie up a support to a back suspension bracket. The brake support should not hang on a brake hose. The brake hose should not stretch or be overwound.
If old blocks repeatedly establish, mark them.
Take brake shoes from a support.
Clear a support of dust and dirt.

At installation of new brake shoes it is necessary to screw in the piston in a support. At a piston vvinchivaniye brake fluid is forced out from the brake cylinder in a broad tank therefore constantly control the level of brake fluid in a tank, if necessary pump out liquid from a tank.

Fig. 15-18. Vvinchivaniye of the piston in a support with use of the special tool 3272

For a piston vvinchivaniye in the cylinder it is necessary to use the tool 3272. Install the tool so that its fillet entered piston grooves. Rotate the case of the special tool counterclockwise against the stop. Rotating the handle of the special tool clockwise, screw in the piston in a support (fig. 15-18).
In the absence of the special tool screw in the piston in a support, using angular flat-nose pliers for lock rings.
Establish brake shoes in the holder of a support, at the same time you watch that press springs settled down vertically. If old blocks are established, be convinced that they are established as well as before removal.
Establish a support, screw in a new bolt of fastening of the directing finger and tighten its moment 35 N · m. Put to each set of brake shoes on one new bolt for each support.
Establish back wheels and lower the car.
Check the level of brake fluid and if necessary bring it to normal.
Press a brake pedal in order that blocks reached working position.