21.3. Electronic system of stabilization of course stability (ESP)

By means of system of stabilization dynamics of the car in the limit modes is controlled, for example when passing turns at a high speed. Danger of demolition or a drift of the car significantly decreases at any condition of a paving.
In electronic system of stabilization anti-blocking and probuksovochny systems are integrated. ESP in addition measures the speed of movement of a body around a vertical axis, acceleration in the cross plane, pressure in system of the drive of brakes and an angle of rotation of the operated wheels. On the basis of the operated wheels given about an angle of rotation and speed of the car the system defines the direction in which the driver of the car intends to move, and compares with the actual direction of the movement. At a nonagreement of these factors when demolition or a drift of the car begins, the system of stabilization automatically brakes a certain wheel.
With malfunction the system of electronic control is automatically disconnected, at the same time in a combination of devices control lamps light up. In this case the brake system works in the usual mode.

Fig. 15-1. An arrangement on the car of elements of anti-blocking system of brakes and electronic system of stabilization (ABS/ESP): 1 - hydraulic pump; 2 - pressure sensor in the brake system; 3 - the pump J105 relay for the Bosch 5.3 system; 4 - the electromagnetic relay of the J106 valve for the Bosch 5.3 system; 5 – the hydraulic N55 block with the J104 control unit; 6 – the J104 control unit for the Bosch 5.0 system; 7 – the sensor of level of brake fluid – F34; 8 – rotor of the forward right ABS sensor; 9 - the forward right ABS sensor – G45; 10 – the J104 control unit (with ESP); 11 – the sensor of an angle of rotation G85 (with ESP); 12 - the switch for the TCS/ESP-E132 systems; 13 - sensor of an angle of rotation G85; 14 – switch of a control lamp of a condition of the F9 parking brake; 15 - rotor of the back right ABS sensor; 16 – the back right ABS sensor – G44; 17 – the back left ABS sensor – G46; 18 - rotor of the back left ABS sensor; 19 – side sensor of acceleration G200; 20 - sensor of a state G202; 21 - the pump J105 relay for the Bosch 5.3 system; 22 – the electromagnetic J106 relay for the Bosch 5.3 system; 23 – control lamp of K118; 24 - a control lamp of ABS – K47; 25 - a control lamp of a condition of the parking brake – K14; 26 - a control bulb of TCS/ESP – K86; 27 - F stoplight switch; 28 - rotor of the forward left ABS sensor; 29 - the forward left ABS sensor – G47

The arrangement of the ABS and ESP elements on the car and a forward axis is shown in fig. 15-1 and 15-2.

Fig. 15-2. An arrangement of the ABS/ESP elements on a forward axis: 1 – a drive shaft with an ABS sensor rotor (if the rotor of the ABS sensor is damaged, it is necessary to replace the external hinge of a shaft of the drive); 2 – bolt, 10 N · m; 3 – an arm for fastening of a wire of the ABS sensor with a sealing ring; 4 – bolt; 5 – tightening plug; 6 – consolidation; 7 – ABS sensor