21:12. Repair of a forward support of Brembo

Before a vvinchivaniye of unions it is necessary to apply a thin film of A2 G 052 150 lubricant on a carving.
Parts of the case of a bracket of a support are connected by bolts to internal shaped deepening and are not subject to dismantling. At damage of protective covers of the directing fingers they need to be replaced with new.

Fig. 15-26. Forward support of Brembo: 1 – protective cap; 2 – pumping union; 3 – sealing ring; 4 – piston; 5 – protective cover; 6 – brake pipeline; 7 case of a bracket of a support

Clear a support (fig. 15-26) of dust and dirt, using at the same time means of protection of respiratory organs.
On the one hand a support install the special device for cave-in of the piston which will hold the pistons located against each other on the place, and on the other hand establish the clip fixing the piston in the cylinder. Between a clip and the remained piston establish wooden whetstone.
Take the piston from a support for what give air under low pressure to the brake cylinder through an opening for connection of a brake hose.

Fig. 15-27. Use of an assembly wedge for extraction of external consolidation from a support cylinder flute

Remove wooden whetstone and carefully take the piston. Accurately, not to damage a cylinder wall, take out external consolidation from a support cylinder flute, using an assembly wedge or an edge of the flat screw-driver as the lever (fig. 15-27).

Fig. 15-28. Use of an assembly wedge for extraction of internal consolidation from a support cylinder flute

Similarly take internal consolidation from a flute of the cylinder of a support (fig. 15-28).
Check a condition of the cylinder and piston. In the presence of scratches, рисок, wear or pointed corrosion it is necessary to replace the piston and the cylinder. Irrespective of a state replace all rubber consolidations.
Wash out all details in methyl alcohol or pure brake fluid and wipe them.
Apply a thin film of A2 G 052 150 lubricant on a sealing ring and the piston (see fig. 15-28).

Fig. 15-29. Arrangement of sealing rings and piston: 1 – external sealing ring; 2 – piston; 3 – internal sealing ring

Install internal and external sealing rings on the piston (fig. 15-29).
Fingers of hands press the piston into the support cylinder.
Using the device for cave-in of pistons and the special tool 3350/2, press external consolidation and press it on 44 mm into the support bracket case.
Similarly replace other pistons in a support.