21.4. General recommendations about operation and repair of anti-blocking system of brakes and electronic system of stabilization

The anti-blocking system of brakes (ABS) and electronic system of stabilization of course stability (ESP) in use do not demand service.
Only the qualified mechanic has to make check, removal, installation and repairs.
Before carrying out repair work define malfunction by means of system of self-diagnostics.
For repair use only branded spare parts.
Take spare parts from packing just before their installation.
For rubbing of details use only bezvorsovovy fabrics.
Before separation of elements of the brake system completely clear the place of separation and the area adjoining to it. Do not use aggressive liquids (for example, gasoline).
Brake fluid should not contact to mineral oils. Even a small amount of mineral oil will spoil brake fluid and will put the brake system out of action.
After repair of the hydraulic drive of brakes remove from it air.
During the work of brake shoes dust which contains asbestos, unhealthy therefore when cleaning brake shoes do not use compressed air is formed and do not inhale dust.
After installation new brake shoes have to be earned extra. The first 200 km of a run try to avoid sharp braking.
Corroded brake disks cause vibration effect which does not disappear at long braking when braking. In this case brake disks are subject to replacement.
The brake fluid used in the hydraulic drive is poisonous therefore at its hit on skin it is necessary to wash out carefully this place water. If liquid on imprudence got into eyes or in an organism, it is necessary to see a doctor immediately. Flammable liquids can light up even from contact with hot knots of the car. Brake fluid dissolves paint and plastic therefore at hit of liquid on a paint and varnish covering of the car wash out its large number waters. Brake fluid is hygroscopic (absorbs moisture from air) therefore it cannot be stored in open ware.
At open hydraulic system of brakes do not use compressed air and do not move the car.
When coloring and drying the car the electronic control device can be heated quickly to temperature of 95 °C, when heating within 2 hours temperature should not exceed 85 °C.

At installation it is necessary  to use the new plug 5 (see fig. 15 – 2).
Before installation of the plug apply lubricant G 000 650 paste in an opening of a rotary fist. Installation is made by simple cave-in in a rotary fist.