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4.1. General information

On cars eight-cylinder V-shaped engines (V8) with liquid cooling are installed. Engines have in a motor compartment is longitudinal.
Cylinders of the engine are cast from gray cast iron for a single whole with the block of cylinders. Heads of the block of cylinders are made of light alloy and fasten to the block of cylinders bolts. In a head of the block of cylinders steel guides of the plug and a saddle of valves are pressed. To the lower part of the block of cylinders of the engine the oil pallet in which the oil necessary for lubricant and cooling of the engine flows down fastens.
In engines the scheme of a cross stream at which fuel-air mix comes to engine cylinders on the one hand of the engine is used, and the fulfilled gases are removed on the other side of the engine. At such design filling of cylinders with fuel-air mix and removal of products of combustion considerably improves.
On each cylinder about two inlet and two final valves are installed. On each section of the block of cylinders the separate head of the block with two camshafts is established. One camshaft operates inlet valves, another – final. The drive of the camshafts operating final valves is carried out by one gear belt. The camshaft operating inlet valves is put in action from the camshaft operating final valves.
Gaps in valves are regulated automatically with use of hydraulic pushers therefore manual adjustment is not required.
For supply of oil to the rubbing surfaces of the engine the oil pump with the drive from a bent shaft serves. Under pressure oil moves on channels to bearings of cranked and distributive shaft.
The water pump is located in a forward part of the engine and is put in action by a gear belt. Keep in mind that the cooling system of the engine has to be filled all the year round with mix of antifreeze and water with the low content of lime.
Preparation and ignition in cylinders of the engine of fuel-air mix is carried out by an engine control system which in use does not demand adjustments. The corner of an advancing of ignition and frequency of rotation of idling are regulated by a control system of the engine. When carrying out maintenance it is necessary to replace spark plugs and the filtering element of the air filter.

The fan of a radiator can turn on after a stop of the engine and switching off of ignition therefore at work on the hot engine be careful. In order that the fan of a radiator did not turn on, disconnect the electric socket from the radiator fan engine.

Head of the block of cylinders

Deviation from planeness of a privalochny surface of a head of the block of cylinders, mm 
Length of the shock-absorber of a gear belt, mm:

on the cold engine
on the hot engine

Maximum axial gap of the camshaft, mm
Minimum admissible distance from a valve end face to the top surface of a head of the block of cylinders, mm:
ABZ engine:

       inlet valves
       final valves
AEW engine:

       inlet valves
       final valves
AHC engine:

       inlet valves
       final valves

Inhaling moments * main threaded connections, N · m
The hydrotransformer to a drive plate:

ABZ engine code
AEW engine code
Forward right arm to the engine
The generator to the engine:

Bolt of fastening of a pulley of a bent shaft:

without special tool 2079
with the special tool 2079
Final collector to a head of the block of cylinders
The conditioner compressor to an arm
Conditioner arm
Reception exhaust pipe to a collector
Forward right arm to the engine
The lower frame to a body
65 + to tighten on a corner 180 °
Bolts of fastening of a quencher of fluctuations to a pulley of a bent shaft
Roller of the mechanism of a tension of a gear belt
Bolt of fastening of a pulley of the camshaft
Bolt of fastening of a rotor of the sensor to a back part of a head of the block of cylinders
Bolts of fastening of a head of the block of cylinders:

stage 1
to tighten the moment 40
stage 2
to tighten the moment 60
stage 3
to tighten on a corner 180 °
Camshaft bearing cover
Bolts of fastening of a casing of a gear belt

* For other threaded connections the inhaling moments following, N · м:
M6 – 10; M8 – 20; M10 – 45; M12 – 65.