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17.6. Differential of the main reverse gear

Remove the main reverse gear.

Fig. 11-13. Differential of the main reverse gear: 1 – sapuna; 2 – case of the main reverse gear; 3 – external ring of the conic roller bearing; 4 – adjusting laying; 5 – cover of the main reverse gear; 6 – bolt of Torx, 25 N · m; 7 – right sealing ring; 8 – bolt, 25 N · m; 9 - right flange; 10 – an opening stopper for determination of level of oil, 35 N · m; 12 – stopper of a drain opening, 35 N · m; 13 – plug; 14 – magnet; 15 - external ring of the conic roller bearing; 16 – adjusting laying; 17 – left sealing ring; 18 – left flange; 19 – bolt, 25 N · m; 20 – laying

Unscrew a stopper of 12 (fig. 11-13) of a drain opening and merge oil from the main reverse gear.
Unscrew bolts and by means of the lever remove flanges 9 and 18.
Unscrew bolts and uncover the 5th main transfer.
Take differential from a case.

Installation is carried out to the sequences, the return to removal, taking into account the following.
Establish differential in a case.
Replace a sealing ring in a cover, oil a working edge of a ring and establish a cover on a case.
Gradually on diagonal screw in bolts of fastening of a cover and tighten their moment 25 N · m.
Establish flanges and fix them by bolts.
Fill in oil in the main reverse gear and check its level.