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16.1. General information

The torque from the transmission to driving wheels is transmitted through drive shaft.
Each shaft consists of three parts: internal and external hinges of equal angular speeds (CV JOINTS) and shaft.
Shlitsevy part of the external hinge is inserted into a nave of a wheel and fixed by a nut. CV JOINTS are greased with jellied lubricant which is replaced only when dismantling the hinge.
Covers have to be checked for damages and leak of lubricant periodically.
Lubricant follows from the hinge at a rush of a protective cover or weakening of collars of fastening.
The torn protective covers of CV JOINTS need to be replaced immediately, otherwise damage of hinges is possible. Replacement of a cover includes removal of a shaft of the drive.
Vibration and the increased noise at start-off from the place, braking by the engine and on sharp turns arise at wear of hinges of equal angular speeds, shlitsevy connections of a shaft and when weakening an inhaling of bolts of fastening of wheels.


Fig. 10-1. Shaft of the "tripod" drive: 1 – washer; 2 – persistent ring; 3 – spring ring; 4 – external hinge of equal angular speeds; 5 – bolt; 6, 11 – protective covers; 7, 9, 10, 12 – collars; 8 – drive shaft; 13 – cover; 14 – sealing ring; 15 – lock ring; 16 – hinge holder; 17 – roller; 18 – bolt of M10x20, 70 N · m; 19 – hinge case

The concave party the washer of 1 (fig. 10-1) has to adjoin to a persistent ring.
At installation it is necessary to use a new spring ring 3. Before installation of the CV JOINT it is established in a drive shaft flute.
In the presence of attritions and cracks it is necessary to use a new protective cover.
The facet on vents of the holder of rollers has to be directed to a drive shaft.

Technical characteristic

The hinge of equal angular speeds with three rollers

Jellied lubricant:

external hinge with a diameter of 98 and 108 mm
 G 000 633
the hinge with three rollers
 G 000 605
Amount of jellied lubricant,

External hinge with a diameter of 98 mm:

total of lubricant
filling in the hinge
filling in a protective cover
Internal hinge with a diameter of 100 mm:

total of lubricant
filling in the hinge
filling in a protective cover
Internal hinge with a diameter of 108 mm:

total of lubricant
filling in the hinge
filling in a protective cover

Inhaling moments, N*m

Drive shaft to the leading flange of the transmission:

 M8 bolts
 M10 bolts
The ABS sensor to a rotary fist