16.3. Removal and installation of the external hinge of a shaft of the drive

Fix a drive shaft in a vice with soft sponges.
Remove collars of fastening of a protective cover and shift a cover from the hinge on a drive shaft.
Carefully clear an internal part of the hinge and remove a spring lock ring from the inside of the hinge.
Screw in the special tool 3207 in a shaft of the hinge and remove the external hinge from a shaft of the drive (fig. 10-5).
Remove a spring lock ring, laying and a dish-shaped washer from the end of a shaft of the drive.
Fill the internal hinge with lubricant.

Fig. 10-5. Use of the special tool 3207 for removal of the external hinge from a drive shaft

Fig. 10-6. Installation of a dish-shaped washer (1) and intermediate ring (2) on a drive shaft

Establish on a drive shaft a dish-shaped washer by the convex party to the hinge and an intermediate ring (fig. 10-6).
Establish a new spring lock ring on a drive shaft, fix a shaft in a vice with soft sponges and the hammer from soft material to a napressuyta the hinge on a shaft, at the same time the lock ring has to enter accurately a flute on hinge inside.
Install a protective cover on the hinge and fix it by collars, the screw-driver previously having raised an inner edge of a cover for alignment of pressure of air under a cover.

Fig. 10-7. Use of the special tool for fastening of a collar: And – the screw for an inhaling of sponges of the tool; In – installation of sponges of the tool on a collar

It is necessary to use the tool 1683 (fig. 10-7) to fastening of collars. Establish sponges of the tool on corners of a clip of a collar and in this situation tighten sponges the screw.