13:15. Thermostat of diesel engines of 3,3 l

The thermostat is located in the case installed on the block of cylinders of the engine.
Merge cooling liquid.
Take off a gear belt from pulleys of camshafts.
Unscrew bolts and remove a back casing of a gear belt.
Disconnect the electric socket from the sensor of temperature of cooling liquid.

Fig. 7-26. Arrangement of bolts of fastening of the case of the thermostat of the diesel engine of 3,3 l

Unscrew three bolts and remove the thermostat case from a forward part of a head of the block of cylinders (fig. 7-26).
Take out a sealing ring and the thermostat from a head of the block of cylinders. Check operability of the thermostat.
Installation is carried out to the sequences, the return to removal.
Install the thermostat in a head of the block of cylinders so that the valve for removal of air settled down from above.