23.3. Fan

Remove a casing of the air-ventilation chamber.
Remove levers of screen wipers and the panel of finishing of a cowl.
Remove the air inlet channel.

Fig. 17-6. Arrangement of a bolt (1) and clip (2) fastenings of the camera of recirculation

Unscrew bolts of 1 (fig. 17-6) of fastening of the camera of recirculation.
Using a screw-driver edge, remove clips 2 and separate the recirculation camera from a heater.
Remove two round ring air ducts And from the fan (fig. 17-7).

Fig. 17-7. Elements of fastening of the fan: And – a ring air duct; In, C – bolts; D – air duct

Unscrew bolts In and With and remove an air duct of D.
Unscrew bolts And (fig. 17-8) of fastening of an arm of the fan B and remove the fan.

Fig. 17-8. Arrangement of bolts (A) of fastening of an arm (V) of the fan

Installation is carried out to the sequences, the return to removal.