15.4. Automatic transmission

The automatic transmission is installed on parts of cars. As the automatic transmission represents the difficult unit, its repairs need to be made at service station with use of the special equipment.
The hydrotransformer serves as the hydrodynamic automatic coupling connecting the engine and the transmission and also provides some increase in torque at increase in speed.
The planetary transmission is equipped with four transfers of the forward course and one transfer of a backing. Elements of the transmission keep and released by means of brake tapes and couplings which are run by the hydraulic control unit. The hydraulic pump installed in the transmission creates necessary pressure for work of brake tapes and couplings.

It is allowed to tow cars with the automatic transmission on distance to 50 km with the maximum speed of 50 km/h. In the presence of a platform for transportation of cars it is possible to lift only a forward part of the car. All-wheel drive cars need to be installed on a platform by four wheels.