15.5. Diagnostics of the automatic transmission

Violations in operation of the transmission can be caused by the following reasons:
– low-quality adjustment;
– malfunctions in hydraulic system;
– malfunctions in mechanical system;
– malfunctions in the computer or its electric chain.
First of all check the level and a condition of oil in the transmission and adjustment of drafts.

Preliminary control
Make a trial trip for warming up of the transmission.
Check oil level in the transmission.
Check the frequency of rotation of the engine idling.
Check freedom of movement of a cable of an accelerator and if necessary adjust.
Check operation of the mechanism of the choice of transfers.
Make sure that there are no leaks in installation sites of laying and sealing rings in the transmission.

The burned smell of oil is a pollution sign its small particles as a result of wear of frictional overlays of elements of management of the automatic transmission. It has to guard as, perhaps, capital repairs of the transmission will be required.
If oil level in the automatic transmission is lower normal, then air will begin to come to the oil pump that will lead to formation of mix of oil with air. It in turn will cause decrease in working pressure in a control system, slipping of frictional elements of management of the transmission and gear shiftings which are dragged out in time.
If the level of oil is more normal, then as a result of rotation of gear wheels of planetary mechanisms plentiful foaming of oil will begin that will lead to the same consequences, as well as in case of the low level of oil.
Formation of mix of air with oil finally will cause an overheat and oxidation of oil that will have an adverse effect on operation of valves and frictional elements of management. Besides, foaming will become the reason of the increased emission of oil through сапун that can be mistakenly accepted for leak of oil from system.