3.11. Inlet collector

Fig. 3.1-41. Arrangement of screws of fastening of a casing of the engine

Unscrew screws and remove an engine casing (see fig. 3.1-41).

Fig. 3.1-42. An arrangement of collars of fastening of an air branch pipe of a flowmeter of air and the soaking-up pipeline: 1 – fuel supply pipeline; 2 – fuel supply hose

Weaken collars and remove the air branch pipe which is connecting the measuring instrument of a consumption of air and soaking up the pipeline (see fig. 3.1-42).
Unscrew nuts and disconnect a hose of supply of fuel and the inlet pipeline (see fig. 3.1-42).

The cars equipped with system a cruise control

Fig. 3.1-14. Arrangement of draft of management (1), nut of fastening (2) of the vacuum block and vacuum hose (3)

Disconnect draft of management 1 (see fig. 3.1-14) from the vacuum block.
Remove from the vacuum block a vacuum hose 3.
Turn off a nut 2 and remove the vacuum block.

All cars

Fig. 3.1-6. An arrangement of hoses in the top part of the engine: 1 – hose of ventilation of a case; 2, 4, 6, 7 – vacuum hoses; 3 – the valve for switching of the soaking-up pipeline; 5 – connection of a vacuum hose with the vacuum amplifier of brakes; 8 – screws of fastening of an air branch pipe of throttle knot

Disconnect hoses of 1 ventilation of a case from the left and right heads of the block of cylinders (see fig. 3.1-6).
Unscrew the valve 3 for switching of the soaking-up pipeline and move it together with the pipeline aside.
Disconnect a vacuum hose 7.
Unscrew screws 8 and remove an air branch pipe from the case of throttle knot.

Fig. 3.1-15. Places of fastening of a cable of an accelerator to a butterfly valve and accelerator cable covers to an arm

Disconnect an accelerator cable from a butterfly valve, and take a cover of a cable from an arm (see arrows in fig. 3.1-15).

Fig. 3.1-80. An arrangement of hoses and electric sockets about the idling rotation frequency stabilizer: 1 – vacuum hose of the ACF valve; 2 – electric socket of a casing of throttle knot; 3 – electric socket of the stabilizer of frequency of rotation of idling; 4 – connections with "weight"

Disconnect a vacuum hose of 1 (fig. 3.1-80).
Disconnect the electric socket from a casing 2 throttle knots.
Disconnect the electric socket 3 from the idling rotation frequency stabilizer.
Unscrew screws and disconnect wires from "weight" 4.
Disconnect a vacuum hose from a forward part of an inlet collector.
Turn off a fastening bolt to an inlet collector of an arm of a pipe of the amplifier of steering with grounding wires at their existence.

Fig. 3.1-81. Arrangement of bolts of fastening of an inlet collector

Turn off bolts of fastening of an inlet collector (fig. 3.1-81) and remove it.

Installation is carried out to the sequences, the return to removal, taking into account the following.
Check installation of a cable of an accelerator.
Tighten bolts gradually on diagonal.
Connect a wire of "weight" to the rechargeable battery.
Turn on the radio receiver and enter into it a code.
Lift glasses power windows up to an emphasis. Then press all switches of a window regulator once again, at least for 1 second, in the provision of closing for activation of the control unit of window regulators.
Determine time on hours.