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Рукоделия и творчества, максимальный вес готового мыла купить все для мыловарения.

14.5. The conducted clutch plate

During the work of coupling dust, with the content of asbestos, unhealthy therefore when cleaning coupling do not use compressed air is formed and do not inhale dust. Clear details of coupling of dust with use of brake fluid or methyl alcohol, and then wipe dry.


Fig. 8-8. Flywheel and coupling: 1 – two-mass flywheel; 2 – a bolt, 60 N · + to tighten m on a corner 180 °; 3 – the conducted clutch plate; 4 – press clutch plate; 5 – bolt, 22 N · m; 6 – needle bearing

At installation it is necessary to use new bolts of 2 (fig. 8-8).
Grease vents of the conducted disk with a thin layer of G000100 lubricant. The layer of lubricant has to be thin and uniform, otherwise during the coupling work excessive lubricant will be rejected on the working surfaces of coupling that can break its work.
5 you carry out tightening of bolts evenly on diagonal.

Remove the transmission.
Note a marker or paint the provision of coupling assembled in relation to a flywheel.

Fig. 8-9. Use of devices at removal and installation of the conducted clutch plate: 3067 – the device for fixing of a flywheel from a provorachivaniye; 3176 – a mandrel for centering of a clutch plate

Using the special VW-3067 tool or the screw-driver, for teeths of a gear wreath of a flywheel block it from a provorachivaniye (fig. 8-9).
Gradually on diagonal weaken coupling fastening bolts assembled, turning each bolt half way until it is terminated springs and bolts can be unscrewed manually.
Remove press a disk, at the same time support the conducted disk that it did not drop out.
Clear the coupling switching off bearing of dirt, but at the same time do not use solvents.
Wipe a flywheel with gasoline.


Fig. 8-10. Places of check of a press diaphragm spring on wear

Check a condition of a press clutch plate. Development traces on the ends of a press spring have to be no more than 0,3 mm (fig. 8-10).

Fig. 8-11. Places of check of rivet and spring connections

Check reliability of spring connection between a press disk and a casing of coupling. Scratches and absence or damage of rivets (fig. 8-11) are not allowed.
Check press a disk for lack of cracks, a prigar and wear of a surface.
Using a steel line and an edge of the probe, check not planeness of a working surface of a press disk. Not planeness of a press disk should not exceed 0,2 mm.
Check a condition of a surface of friction of a flywheel for lack of cracks, a prigar and wear of a surface.
Check a condition of frictional overlays of the conducted clutch plate and in the presence traces of oil or mechanical damages replace the conducted disk with them.
Measure thickness of overlays of the conducted clutch plate. If their thickness of less admissible or if heads of rivets are close to a working surface, replace them or the conducted clutch plate.
Check a condition of the bearing of switching off of coupling which has to rotate easily, evenly and silently and in which there has to be no side play. The working surface of the bearing influencing a press spring has to be smooth, without cracks, local corrosion or development.
The faulty bearing of switching off of coupling can be defined, without removing it from the car for what it is necessary to press a coupling pedal during the operation of the engine. If when pressing a pedal of coupling noise appears, so the bearing of switching off of coupling is faulty and it needs to be replaced.

At installation new the conducted disk or a press clutch plate remove from them anticorrosive protection.
At installation of the conducted disk you watch that on its frictional slips even in insignificant quantities oil did not get. Therefore before installation by pure rags wipe a privalochny surface of a flywheel and a surface of a press disk, establish the conducted disk by clean hands.
Grease vents in a nave of the conducted disk with a thin layer of special lubricant on the basis of a molybdenum disulfide.
Establish the conducted disk on a flywheel so that the acting part of a nave of a disk was directed outside, to the transmission.
Establish coupling assembled, combining openings in a casing of coupling with the directing flywheel pins. At repeated installation of earlier removed press clutch plate check that the tags put before removal were combined.
Tighten bolts of fastening of a casing of coupling so that the conducted clutch plate was pressed, but at the same time could move in the parties.
Using a special mandrel or an old main shaft of the transmission, center a clutch plate concerning a flywheel.
The conducted clutch plate can be centered a special mandrel concerning a casing with a press disk assembled.
After centering of the conducted disk gradually on diagonal tighten bolts of fastening of a casing of coupling the moment of 25 N · m.
Take a mandrel from the conducted disk.
Grease a shlitsevy part of a main shaft of the transmission and the directing plug of the bearing of switching off of coupling with a thin layer of special lubricant on the basis of a molybdenum disulfide.
Install the transmission.